Happy New Year!

What an amazing twelve months 2016 has proven to be! Reflecting back it is has been a year of tremendous growth and diversification in our business services and we are full of gratitude to those who entrusted us to be part of their home selling and interior redesign journeys. Now, after months of redefining our brand and planning for a transformation of our business model, Home Transitions is on the move and we can’t wait for the opportunities to come in 2017!

We were delighted to learn in December that Margaret Pratt, owner of Home Transitions and a member of the RESA, the trade association of professional real estate stagers and re-designers, was honoured with two prestigious awards, winner of one of the Top Ten RESA® Best Vacant Home Stager of The Year™ Canada and one of the Top Ten The RESA® Best Occupied Home Stager of The Year™ Canada™.
Margaret will go on to compete for the overall title of RESA’s Best Vacant Home Stager of The Year™ Canada and Best Occupied Home Stager of The Year™ Canada™.

“Recognition from one’s peers, no matter what your endeavor, is the highest regard ……
I am truly 
honoured to receive this notice from within our relatively young industry.”
Margaret Pratt

Business Growth:
We are excited about our upcoming move to a larger warehouse in early 2017, which will greatly enhance our efficiency and space. As our company has grown, so has our inventory, and we are launching a new fully integrated business software system to better serve our clientele.

Website Launch:
Consistent with our redefined brand we are so very pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Home Transitions wanted a new website to better collaborate with our partners, clients and associates on that which we are most passionate about; helping home sellers to maximize their equity, enjoying growth and business expansion, transforming our passion for home and garden decor and design into a leading home staging and interior redesign firm.